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Be Healthy,
Be Happy

Hi! I'm Debbie, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I'm here to help you live your healthiest, happiest life. 


How did I get here?

I wasn't who I wanted to be...

Like many professional women I spent my career making it appear like I could do it all. And to many it appeared I was, I was physically active, I ate a healthy diet, had good job and a great social life. But the truth is I was miserable. I was doing a job that wasn't fulfilling, dealing with the emotional stress of my mother being ill and a manager who wasn't supportive or understanding of my situation.  It was a time filled with incredible amounts of stress and feelings of failure - why couldn't I separate my emotional self from my work self, how do other people seemingly hold it together during times of stress and grief when all I wanted to do was cry and beg the universe to heal my mom. 


And then...

Luckily my manager was replaced (by a lovely human), my mom's health improved and it felt like everything was going to turn around...wrong.  Boom - I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm lucky - it was caught early and after having a mastectomy I resumed my normal life.  But once you have cancer, life is never really normal again. I couldn't help but wonder, why did I get cancer? I had no family history and lived a really healthy life (or so I thought), and I began to dig and I learned that stress and diet can lead to an inflammatory response in the body that can result in higher incidence of cancer.  Not only that - some of the foods you eat can lead to depression.  

What I discovered during my research is that 1) I was absolutely fascinated by all this; 2) with minor behavioral and lifestyle changes you can lower your risk for cancer and other metabolic diseases; 3) if these tweaks are so easy - why don't people make them??

We're on this earth to be happy!

Since then I've decided to make it my mission to help busy, stressed out women live healthier and be HAPPIER by making small changes (not sacrifices) in their life that can lead to huge rewards. We all (that includes you!) deserve to be happy - that's why we're on this earth, to be happy and, in turn, make others happy.  

Book a free consult with me to find out how you can lead a happier, healthier life.


Get Healthy, Get Happy

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"I've known Debbie for over 20 years and her passion for health and fitness, and more importantly her desire to share that passion with others has always been her shining star."

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